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Potty Training - An Ultimate Guide

Potty Training is the toughest phase of the life of children and their parents. Mostly, the mothers take the responsibility of completing the potty training but it is also true that mothers get stressed out after putting in a lot of effort. There are a variety of approaches to do the task. Let’s discover what benefits you get after successfully potty training the kids. What exactly is potty training for children? If your child has had dry nappies for up to two hours, understands the difference between poos and wees, and can pull their pants up and down, they may be ready for potty training. A potty or little toilet seat, as well as training pants or underpants, are required...

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Pacifier: Right Time To Introduce this Magic Wand

There are times when pacifiers seem like magic wands for moms. Pacifiers provide a significant comfort boost for many babies. It's not a secret that pacifiers can quickly soothe and comfort your babies when they're crying, especially if they have a strong need for suckling but still cannot get their fingers in their mouth. Between feeds, babies find comfort in their baby pacifiers. Pacifiers help prevent Sudden Infant Death syndrome and help with sleep and fussiness. Pacifiers allow babies to self-soothe, allowing parents to relax while their baby is calm. Let's find out whether a pacifier is a right choice for your baby and when is the right time to introduce your baby to a pacifier? Is a Pacifier Right...

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