A Great Diaper Bag Makes Life Easier On-The-Go

Why Do You Need a Diaper Bag?

Diaper bags are essential to organizing, preparing and getting out of the house quickly. A good diaper bag with the right compartments allows you to find things quickly in a diaper or spit-up emergency. A good organization system also helps you remember to pack all the necessities, so you don't leave home without essentials. Finally, a good bag should be a one-stop-spot for all your baby needs. Choosing the right diaper bag will simplify your life and ensure you are prepared for any baby situation!

10 Must-Have Features….Things you may not have thought of!

  1. Separate Compartments

    There will be accidents. Things will get messy. Separate compartments prevent cross-contamination between:

    • Clean clothes & toys
    • Food that could spill or leak
    • Diaper change pads that are exposed to public change surfaces
    • Mommy items (separated from messy items that can leak, security pockets for valuables, etc.)
  2. Pockets for Organization

    In addition to compartments that separate clean clothes, food, etc., pockets within each compartment help organize. A good system helps to locate items quickly and ensures you do not leave home without essentials. Once you have a “home” for every item, a quick glance at the bag will also help you pack quickly and thoroughly!

  3. Insulated Compartments

    Whether to keep water warm for formula or pumped breast milk cool for safety, having a built-in insulated compartment will eliminate your need to carry a cooler. Some diaper bags come with built-in insulated pockets for baby bottles. If you have wide or tall bottles, be sure to check for fit. Insulated pockets are more effective if they cover the whole bottle and not just the bottom half. Fully insulated compartments are much more useful when your baby moves to solids. One is good, two is better. You may need a hot and cold compartment to carry different kinds of foods.

  4. Capacity…Just in Case

    Even if you usually travel light, it’s better to have a larger bag that is half full, rather than needing to pack a 2nd bag when you need to carry more. You may live in a place with high variations in temperature and need the extra capacity during winter months to carry thicker clothes. You may need to pack more for a longer trip. You may decide to expand your family down the road. Either way, having extra capacity will make life easier when you need it.

  5. Comfort is King

    A backpack is the most ergonomic style as it spreads the load evenly between both shoulders. It also never slips off your shoulder or gets in the way when carrying a baby. It is also the only bag style that works with a baby carrier. Look for padded backs that have meshes and gaps/channels to increase airflow and prevent sweaty backs. Regardless of whether you choose a backpack, be sure to find a bag with comfortable padded straps. Your shoulder(s) will thank you!

  6. Water and Stain Resistance

    You never know when you’ll be caught in the rain and there is nothing worse than wetting your diapers and back-up baby clothes. Water resistant materials have another benefit: they are also stain resistant. Diaper bags take on a lot of abuse. Choose one that easily wipes off when soiled.

  7. Stroller Option

    Storage under your stroller quickly fills up. Having the option to hang your diaper bag on the stroller handle frees up that space and makes it easier to access items. Messenger-style bags easily hang on stroller handles but if you are choosing another style, make sure it has stroller straps.

  8. Versatility

    The more things your diaper bag can replace, the better. Your stroller handle can also clutter up very quickly during a shopping trip. Choose a diaper bag that eliminates the need for a purse, cooler, stroller organizer and drink holders. Remember, your baby is your number one concern and the more things you carry, the more cumbersome.

  9. Style

    This is very personal but having a more unisex design will help daddy feel better about carrying the diaper bag too.

  10. Ease of Access

    • Smooth double-zippers (the ones that can zip both ways) provide easy access to the bag
    • A clamshell opening (i.e., zips all the way down) makes life so much easier when packing or trying to find something at the bottom of the bag.
    • Double zippers are a must with clamshell openings so you have the option to open just the top when you’re not laying the bag down.

The Benny Bradley’s 3-in-1 Diaper Bag was designed with all these features I felt was essential in a diaper bag. If you want to find out more, follow the links to learn more the diaper bag, or the story behind the bag.

3 in 1 Diaper Bag

If you choose to go with another bag, that’s alright too! I hope this article helped bring attention to a few features you may not have thought about. We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or share your experiences below:

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